Global community of leaders and catalyzers

The Global Citizen Forum® is a Canadian non-profit organization driven by a world-wide community of leaders and catalyzers working to unlock the potential of migration and define the future of human mobility.

We are strong believers that migration sparks innovation, uncovers potential, and facilitates adaptation to the evolving challenges of our world. The complex problems we face today require thoughtful and multifaceted solutions. In service of this belief, our community is developing solutions that are rooted in the strength of diverse perspectives. By investing in the power of global citizenship, we are propelling the transformation to a more united world.

Through this work, the Forum upholds a special commitment to give the next generation of migrants and refugees the tools and pathways they need to integrate into their new communities and contribute to the betterment of society.


What is Global Citizenship?


Global citizenship is based on the deep conviction that we, as people, exist within a context of complete interconnectedness bound by a common awareness that the most pressing challenges are never defined by borders, regions or nationalities – they are truly global and affect each and every one of us equally. As global citizens, we are united by a common sense of urgency and responsibility to work towards an equal distribution of globalization where mobility is not just an endowment but a birthright. As global citizens, we share a universal understanding of the unbreakable connection between global and local and we maintain a sense of belonging that is rooted in this connection.

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