Buy real gifts for refugees

Choose Love, the world’s first store where you can buy real gifts for refugees, contains practical items like tents, nappies and sleeping bags. But instead of taking them home, each purchase buys a similar item for someone who truly needs it.

In 2017, this new model of charitable giving raised nearly £1 million, it got the message out to over 200 million people, and it engaged celebrities, influencers and the public with a really positive message.

Choose Love believes funds should go straight to where they are needed most. So they make sure 100% of donations from the store go straight to supporting front line services.

Last year, the sale of life jackets from the Choose Love store raised £38,594, which enabled Refugee Rescue to assist 1,399 people braving the treacherous sea crossing from Turkey.

Help Refugees started as nothing more than a hashtag. In August 2015, a group of friends wanted to fill a van full of donations and drive to Calais. Today Choose Love has become the largest grassroots aid organization in Europe.


We believe that everyone on earth deserves dignity, a place to call home and a chance to thrive.