Recepient: Eva Longoria

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time supporting charitable causes and, because I’m an actor, people tend to pay attention. I often get asked “why” or “where” my commitment to philanthropy comes from. My response is always that I’ve been doing it forever, but no one used to notice!

I come from humble beginnings in south Texas and from a very young age my parents taught me that giving back to the community was just a part of life. Today I am honored to have a platform with more resources and supporters to highlight and make a significant impact on the issues that are close to my heart.

In 2012, I decided to start my own foundation to concentrate my efforts and bring people together to empower women – specifically Latinas – to reach their full potential. We focus on education and entrepreneurship because both have the power to transform lives.

Our goal is not only to have a positive impact on the Latinas we serve directly, but also to shape the national conversation about how to support the growing Latina population and to raise the visibility of women of color who are bucking trends and changing our narrative.

Ultimately, we want the Latina story to be one of academic and career success, equal representation, appropriate recognition and economic mobility.

Eva Longoria was awarded GCF21) for her work with underprivileged communities and her commitment to change the narrative on their untapped potential. In her acceptance speech, the actress, producer and director, philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur spoke on the importance of supporting migrants in securing their rights.