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Global Citizen Forum Advisor, Professor Craig Barker has released this report which seeks to highlight the crucial place that mobility and migration play in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Although neither mobility nor migration are mentioned in any of the 17 goals, their concepts are interwoven throughout their 169 targets. While the significant benefits of mobility and migration are known to many, the negative impacts of forced migration remain intact. This report recognises the dualities that exist in this context and seeks to endorse the view of UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres that mobility and migration are key drivers of prosperity, economic growth, reduced inequalities and connected societies, all of which are key elements of the sustainable development goals.

Global Citizen Forum and the World Economic Forum’s Global Migration Council have released a jointly commissioned study on enhancing the understanding of global residence and citizenship programs. The report is entitled Global Citizenship: Planning for Sustainable Growth and was launched at the Global Citizen Forum in Toronto. The pilot report, conducted over six months, consist of four key highlights. It is based on a large-scale comparative study, combining data and analysis from a representative range of countries around the world. The report also draws on interviews conducted among a range of stakeholders – and this diversity of perspectives enhances its insights and analysis. Furthermore, the report identifies a methodology for further research in this field. Last but not least, the report proposes ten recommendations, in an effort to improve the governance of global residence and citizenship programs. Discover more.