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6 Months To GCF Yerevan: A Future in Motion

Everything you need to know about the 5th Edition of the Global Citizen Forum on Oct 10-12, 2019   It’s the 10th of April— which means that the 6-month countdown to the 5th edition of the Global Citizen Forum in Yerevan has officially begun.  Although our team ...
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GCF Announces New Partnerships on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island

World Identity Network and ACTAI become affiliate partners for Yerevan 2019. Sir Richard Branson’s Necker island has witnessed and supported the launch of many dynamic organizations around the world. Most recently, it hosted the Global Citizen Forum (GCF), the World ...
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GCF 2019 Theme: A Future in Motion 

What was once deemed futuristic has now become the present as artificial intelligence, blockchain systems, and robotics have started to revolutionize the way we live. By recognizing the symbiotic nature between technological advances and the freedom of human mobility, the ...
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President of Armenia Welcomes GCF Delegation

President Armen Sarkissian becomes patron of GCF 2019. March 20th, 2019 marked a monumental step in solidifying the partnership between the Government of Armenia and the Global Citizen Forum. It was with high honour that the GCF Founder and President, ...
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GCF 2019: Why Yerevan?

There is much to discover in the world, but those who have set foot in Armenia can understand why it is referred to as the “Eurasian Pearl”. From its majestic mountaintops colourfully dotted with apricot trees to its lively capital ...
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Yerevan To Host The Next Global Citizen Forum

Renowned for empowering vital dialogue and inspiring change, The Global Citizen Forum is back in 2019 for its 5th Edition to take place in Yerevan, Armenia. The Forum brings together a worldwide community of leaders and visionaries working to unlock ...


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GCF Yerevan | 10-12 October 2019