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Migrants Lead Covid-19 Vaccine Development

Immigrants become the source for hope in the global fight against the outbreak of Covid-19.    Within less than a year, 1,286,252 people have lost their life after being infected by the novel Covid-19 virus, which swept through the globe, one country at a time. To date, over 52,240,000 cases have erupted, with no end in sight.  ...
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The First Female Global Citizen to Lead America

Kamala Harris changes the face of American politics as the first woman, person of color, and multiracial global citizen to take on the role as Vice President of the United States of America.   Montreal, QC — Kamala Harris made ...
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Armenian Global Citizens Face ‘Diaspora Paralysis’

Decades-old tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupt again into fighting, prompting fears of a major escalation. Despite a global pandemic still looming across all borders, hostility still broods in parts of the world where freedom weighs heavier than health. This ...
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Tali Discusses “Maturing Global Consciousness” in New Podcast

Talimka Yordanova, the CEO of the Global Citizen Forum, joined Zeit Geist 19 Curated Podcast to who discuss the concept of interconnectedness, the consequences of interrupted travelling access and the radical idea of a Global Governance. Talimka shares how she ...
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GCF Sparks Dialogue on Social Impact Investments

The world as we know it is changing, and now more than ever, global connection is essential if we are to address today’s uncertain future – highlights Concordia, during the launch of its 10th Annual Summit.  One of the largest events ...
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Emergency Campaign: The Forgotten Child Refugees

GCF's Emergency Appeal for Child Refugees in Tanzania has $350,000 pledged in less than a month since the campaign’s launch. July 24, 2020 — “The child refugees living in camps across Tanzania are amongst the most vulnerable and at risk ...
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While George Floyd Rests in Power, we Remain in Power

Talimka Yordanova   Within our global community, we have recounted time and time again that what happens in one part of the world, reverberates in every corner of the world. Inevitably, undoubtedly and without compromise. What we have seen happen ...
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Launch of GCF Mini Series, our first-ever Digital Experience

Following the suspension all of global gatherings planned for 2020, the GCF has launched a fully digital agenda for the next 6-8 months. While the world comes to a halt, the Global Citizen Forum has cultivated a new way to connect, ...
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GCF Insight: Curated news for the Global Citizen

Global news. Through a global lens. Throughout the past few weeks, the vast amount of content surrounding Covid-19 has made it difficult to funnel past the noise, and find relevant and reliable information that observes the current situation through a global lens. ...
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One Pandemic. All of Humanity.

A global wakeup call.  During times of crisis, human resilience and unity are amongst the most critical needs for evolutionary survival. In 2020, the world faced one of the most pressing challenges in history: fighting what is deemed one of the most highly contagious diseases known to mankind, sweeping over 170 countries ...



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