GCF 2019 Theme: New Frontiers 1

GCF 2019 Theme: New Frontiers

What was once deemed futuristic has now become the present as artificial intelligence, blockchain systems, and robotics have started to revolutionize the way we live. By recognizing the symbiotic nature between technological advances and the freedom of human mobility, the 5th Edition of the Global Citizen Forum is eager to launch the official focus of Technology and Migration with this year’s theme: New Frontiers.

With an immense transformational power that has the capacity to solve some of the greatest challenges in the world today, the time has come to spearhead meaningful initiatives to incorporate technology with human migration and mobility, and discover new frontiers.

As global citizens, we share a universal understanding of the unbreakable connection between global and local and we maintain a sense of belonging that is rooted in this connection. Based on the conviction that we, as people, are bound by a common awareness that the most pressing challenges aren’t defined by borders or nationalities, we unite with a common sense of urgency and responsibility to work towards an equal distribution of globalization where mobility is not just an endowment but a birthright.  

Mindful of the vastness of the theme, the Global Citizen Forum introduced five adaptive loops to be used as building blocks of the modern-day global village: Governance, Mobility, Culture, Sustainability, and Technology.  

Recognizing freedom of movement as a core component of global citizenship, the Forum will cover the current migration processes and challenges, as well as opportunities and failures that exist within this space. These vital dialogues are meant to amplify the underlying message that access must be a universal right for all, and that the power of positive governance, technologies and creativity are only a few of the tools that can help us move in that direction. 

The Global Citizen Forum is more than just an event. It is a movement. Join a community of world leaders and catalyzers who are working to unlock the potential of migration and foster the idea of mobility through technology.