GCF 2019: Why Yerevan? 1

GCF 2019: Why Yerevan?

There is much to discover in the world, but those who have set foot in Armenia can understand why it is referred to as the “Eurasian Pearl”. From its majestic mountaintops colourfully dotted with apricot trees to its lively capital that beams with music, food, and art, Armenia embodies generations of evolving culture, tradition, and topography—no wonder that this small nation has been Europe’s biggest secret.  

But as Armenia shines at the cusp of change with a wealth of notable advancements in both politics and technology, as well as its growing presence on the global stage, the Global Citizen Forum found no better time and place to launch this year’s movement with the theme of ‘A Future in Motion’ in Armenia’s beautiful and dynamic capital of Yerevan. 


2,800-year old history  

A land of enchantment, history, and culture, Armenia beams with beauty with its untouched and awe-inspiring nature, and it’s diverse cityscapes embellished in ancient arches, domes, and sculptures. Embodying an open-air museum, Yerevan is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world—celebrating its 2,800th anniversary. The largest city in the country, Yerevan is marked by Soviet architecture that beautifully weaves modern cosmopolitan with thousand-year old heritage, connecting East to West with its vibrant culture and traditions. 


Vibrant culture and hospitality 

Offering a moving, exciting, and undeniably delicious experience to all visitors, Armenian hospitality is renown throughout the entire world. From being infamously aired on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, to exhibited in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Armenia is shining on the global stage as its people persevere with compassion and vitality and spread the message of positivity to ensure a confident future for its next generations.  


Decades of resilience  

As strong believers that migration uncovers mass potential and innovation, the Global Citizen Forum found no other nation as fit to embody the message of resilience in migration, as Armenia. Although Armenia was dubbed the Economist’s ‘Country of the Year’ following its peaceful ‘Velvet Revolution’, Armenia was not always a recipient to peaceful protests. With a history tainted with genocide that left 1.5 million Armenians massacred, and millions more scattered across the globe, Armenians have fought their way to survival for many decades. Today, over 11 million Armenians make up their diverse diaspora.  


Art, Innovation and Technology  

While there is no need to romance the past, the silver lining through this violent migration has appeared to result in a vast number of Armenian descendants that have changed the world. From world-famous chess player, Garry Kasparov, to Hovannes Adamian pioneering the first ever colored television, iconic Star Wars film producer Howard Kazanjian, beloved artists such as Charles Aznavour and Cher, and visionary inventor of the first MRI, Raymond Vahan Damadyan— the diaspora has never been more fiercely proud of their heritage.  

Driven by a world-wide community of leaders and catalyzers working to unlock the potential of migration and foster the mobility of ideas, the Global Citizen Forum’s ‘A Future in Motion’, upholds a special commitment to give the next generation of migrants and refugees the tools and pathways they need to integrate into their new communities and contribute to the betterment of society. Are you ready to discover Armenia as a global citizen?