GCF Celebrates Culture At Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 1

GCF Celebrates Culture At Grand Prix Abu Dhabi

It was a Grand weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Over 1.5 billion people tune in to watch the F1 from across the globe. And with the potential to transcend borders, unite populations, and reshape identities on the basis of shared passion, F1 is one of the only global events hosted year after year, in 21 countries that spans 4 continents.  

To celebrate this truly global sport; artists, musicians, actors, global leaders, social icons, and members of the eclectic global citizen community gathered in Abu Dhabi for the last race of the 2019 Grand Prix. 

During the weekend long celebrations, the Global Citizen Forum had the opportunity to host guests Nathalie Emmanuel, Usher, Akon, Neyo, EVE, Steve Harvey, Nouriel Roubini and esteemed members of the UAE Royal Family and Cabinet.  

GCF was delighted to curate authentic experiences, from attending the race at the Royal Paddock, to a private guided tour of the infamous Qasr al Watanfollowed by an intimate Global Citizen Reception, to celebrate the strong partnership spirit that drives the global citizenship movement.  

It was such a beautiful evening with brilliant and interesting people from all over the world,” wrote the Game of Thrones star, Nathalie Emmanuel, in her Instagram post. 

Even EVE was quick to post photos of the F1 weekend with GCF. “Yesterday was amazing!” wrote the Grammy-Award winning multi-platinum artist. 

“To push our mission of global citizenship further, it is imperative to see life through this multi-dimensional lens of culture,” said Founder of the Global Citizen Forum, Armand Arton. 

GCF is structured on the foundation of five adaptive pillars— governance, culture, mobility, technology, and sustainability. The Abu Dhabi experience reinforced the GCF’s Culture pillar which is based on the deep conviction that sport has the power to transcend boundaries and divisions the same way art, music and performance do. 

Join us on our next journey, as we kick off the new year at the GCF Lounge in Davos with Beyond Boundaries.