Tali Discusses "Maturing Global Consciousness" in New Podcast 1

Tali Discusses “Maturing Global Consciousness” in New Podcast

Talimka Yordanova, the CEO of the Global Citizen Forum, joined Zeit Geist 19 Curated Podcast to who discuss the concept of interconnectedness, the consequences of interrupted travelling access and the radical idea of a Global Governance.

Talimka shares how she envisions the notion of progress by changing the way dialogues are taking place and by building on the conversation through action, subtly pushing the social criterion towards an evolution of the global mind, in order to gradually shape an indestructible homogeneous world. To what degree can a community mature? How vast is that space between the ‘world of borders’ and the ‘borderless world’? Where do we locate ourselves within the ‘local’ environment?And can one be truly a Global Citizen?

Listen to the entire podcast, here.

Talimka Yordanova is the CEO of the Global Citizen Forum. She joined the organization shortly after its inception and has been instrumental in the process of its structuring, management and establishment as an active player in the international civil society. A firm believer in the power of dialogue as a catalyst for action, Tali has designed and implemented numerous initiatives in the space of irregular migration, refugee crises, gender equality, women empowerment, girls education and social entrepreneurship.

Working alongside the late Kofi Annan, Tony Blair and Cherie Blair, Jose Manuel Barroso, Irina Bokova, various heads of states and government officials, Robert De Niro, Robin Sharma, Usher, Akon, Wyclef Jean and many more, she has contributed to the evolution of the concept of global citizenship as a cultural hub for cross-sector partnership built on the shared sense of responsibility for the future generations.

Prior to her appointment as a CEO, she worked as Head of Development and Government Relations with Arton Capital where she advised a number of governments on the structuring and implementation of alternative foreign direct investment mechanism.Talimka holds a Masters Degree in Political Economy from the London School of Economics.