Global Citizen Forum Partners With Sadhguru to Save Soil 1

Global Citizen Forum Partners With Sadhguru to Save Soil

Launches a powerful new series of webinars with global leaders and notable figures to help spread the message to across 3.5 billion people worldwide.

Global Citizen Forum has announced an important partnership with Conscious Planet and the Isha Foundation, led by India’s most revered spiritual leaders, Sadhguru, for the #SaveSoil movement — the world’s biggest ecological campaign to save soil.

“Ecological issues must become election issues. Every responsible scientist in the world and UN agencies, are all clearly saying that we have only 45 to 50 years of agricultural soil left on the planet,” states Sadhguru. “The chaos and suffering this will create for populations around the world is unimaginable.”

In a collaborative effort to amplify the message of the Earth’s rapid degeneration of soil, the Global Citizen Forum has officially endorsed #SaveSoil as one of its main grassroot initiatives for 2022, and is committed to addressing the urgency around the ecological and environmental crisis of soil.

“The #SaveSoil mission aims to reach 3.5 billion people across 192 countries, and we truly believe that by working together, we will be able to conquer this important milestone and play our part in protecting our planet,” shares Talimka Yordanova, CEO of Global Citizen Forum.

As a growing global movement, #SaveSoil also seeks to show governments of all nations the importance of soil revitalization — and to demonstrate this, Sadhguru will travel across 30,000 kilometers, from London to southern India on a motorcycle in an ambitious quest to visit and support 24 governments in pursuit of climate action.

“Only if we do this, democratically elected governments will have the courage and the focus to invest in regenerating soil and make policies and allocate budget for this important crisis. In the next 15-25 years we can significantly turn the situation around before it is too late,” says Sadhguru.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 52% of the world’s agricultural soil is already degraded. And while currently 800 million people suffer from hunger, food production could fall by an additional 30% in the 20 years if soil extinction is not prevented — causing a devastating ripple effect on migration due to food shortages.

“We believe that the power of change is rooted in global governance and are humbled to use our platform to reinforce Sadhguru in his journey to meet and engage with global leaders,” shares Yordanova.

With this timely partnership, the Global Citizen Forum community will join thousands of eminent intellectuals, scientists, celebrities, policy experts and spiritual leaders in the common goal to restore the soil and rekindle humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth.