One Pandemic. All of Humanity. 1

One Pandemic. All of Humanity.

A global wakeup call. 

During times of crisis, human resilience and unity are amongst the most critical needs for evolutionary survival. In 2020, the world faced one of the most pressing challenges in history: fighting what is deemed one of the most highly contagious diseases known to mankind, sweeping over 170 countries and affecting more than 200,000 people within just few months. 

As a Global Citizen, we are embedded with the strength to see the world as it is, and the spirit to imagine the world as it could be. Driven by dialogue and action through selected GCF Initiatives, our Global Citizen Forum community explores both the challenges and solutions of global citizenship through the prism of five pillars— governance, technology, culture, migration, and sustainability. 

As we come face to face with the challenges of today, our pillars drive us toward the solutions for tomorrow.   


Strong leadership is at the heart of preparing the whole of society for a pandemic. Incredible things happen when nations collaborate to advance humanity, from space explorations to medical advancements, and now the fight for survival. Although this pandemic has put up walls, it has also put down barriers.  


Travel and mobility controls during the early stages of an outbreak are essential in containing or slowing down its international spread. These controls along with self-imposed travel limitations contribute to a decline of exposure and make way for more responsible mobility and migration moving forward.   


Now, more than ever, respect, compassion, and empathy are needed to lift the spirits of our global society. Although panic and fear have driven most of conversations of turmoil in the past, today’s conversation is marked with global unity, continued efforts to spread a message of togetherness, and a strengthened culture of hope that survives beyond any borders. 


Technology is an extension of the human experience. Leveraging the internet, tech gadgets, and virtual innovations are of essence during a time of quarantine and self-isolation. From keeping the global community in constant communication, working from home, online learning, or digitalizing social events – technology has enabled a network of connections that we have entrusted in, to keep our world spinning.  


The actions we take today will have an impact on our tomorrow. We need to ensure we are responsible and take every decision within the context of sustainability. This is the most vital time to make sure that we are conscious about our resources — from food and water, to medicine and equipment— to ensure fair and equal distribution and avoid depletion for those who need them most.  

We are in this, together. 

Throughout the past months, the world has come to realize how incredibly interwoven and interconnected we all truly are. From one end of the planet, to the other – we communally drive our global society forward through a shared global conscience.

In the face of such an epidemic, we have begun to realize what global citizenship truly signifies. We have begun to see how, what affects one person anywhere, affects everyone everywhereWe have begun to understand that we are inevitably part of a one species, rather than divisions of race, ethnicity, or economic status. Most importantly, we have discovered the power of the human spirit and to fight this together as global citizens.