The Birth of the Armenian Diaspora 1

The Birth of the Armenian Diaspora

Commemorating the victims of genocide through the amplified message of resilience.

For the Armenian diaspora around the globe, April 24th marks a day of mourning and commemoration of the 1.5 million Armenians killed in 1915 under the Ottoman regime. 

As this day serves to honour the victims of the genocide, it also reminds us of the courage and resilience of the Armenian people who, in the face of unforgivable adversity, have built vibrant communities around the world and created an emergence of successful global citizens to continue their legacy.

The Armenian people are a prime example of the belief that migration, whether involuntary or deliberately, has the vast ability to spark innovation, uncover potential, and facilitate adaptation to the evolving challenges of our world.  

Today, there are over 11 million Armenians living across the globe honouring their ancestors that have fled across borders to foreign homes in order to provide a safer future for their next generations.

One of whom, is the Founder and President of the Global Citizen Forum, Armand Arton.  

“Each year, I take a moment to pay respect to the past and draw inspiration for the future,” he says. “There is nothing more empowering than seeing how an entire population, despite being on the verge of collapse, has instead grown stronger and more resilient. I am here today because of my ancestors and it is my mission to convey this powerful message on the power of migration to the rest of the world.”