The Future In Motion To Be GCF's First Carbon-Conscious Event 1

The Future In Motion To Be GCF’s First Carbon-Conscious Event

Announces official Sustainability Partner to offset carbon emissions at Annual Summit.

The Global Citizen Forum has made a bold commitment to echo its values of empowering a sustainable future by minimizing impact and offsetting carbon emission ahead of its upcoming Annual Summit hosted in the UAE’s leading sustainability destination of Ras Al Khaimah.

As one of Global Citizen Forum’s five main pillars, SUSTAINABILITY is rooted in the deeply intimate relationship between the global challenges today and their repercussions tomorrow, while advocating for global responsibility and accountability.

“Climate change, global warming, food insecurity, climate migration, and the rapid extinction of species are all part of a single, over-arching problem: humanity is demanding more from the Earth than it can provide,” states Talimka Yordanova, CEO of the Global Citizen Forum.

While several correctional solutions exist, reducing humanity’s carbon footprint is the most essential step to live within the means of our planet — and by far, photosynthetic carbon capture by trees is among the most inexpensive and most effective strategy to limit the rise of CO₂ concentrations.

GCF’s official Sustainability Partner, ABOUT CLIMATE is a carbon offset development platform that actively plants trees and estimates real-time biomass to offset emissions while positively impacting local communities. As a result, the carbon emissions emitted throughout the upcoming Annual Summit will be offset by the organic preparation, planting, and minimum 12-year upkeep of one of the world’s most powerfully versatile trees: Moringa.

“The Moringa tree grows and absorbs C02 at a 20x higher rate than any other tree, while also maximizing biodiversity and social impact through the usage of each part of the tree,” shares Carina Nau, the Founder of ABOUT CLIMATE. “Our work directly impacts 8 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within our local operations.”

Moringa trees are a great resource for people in remote and poor communities, as they can easily be grown and harvested for their many nutritional components. They also offer a variety of effective health remedies, while their seeds can be used for water purification.

While taking a holistic approach will ensure minimal impact and emission throughout the Annual Summit — using ABOUT CLIMATE’s world-class, secured, and patented Carbon Footprint calculator will allow the GCF to analyze a highly accurate CO2 footprint.

“We are committed to building a carbon-conscious framework for our activities and aim to ensure the minimal use of any plastic and paper throughout our events, as well as the use of electric scooters and golf carts for transfers between hotel and the convention center during the Annual Summit,” shares Yordanova.


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