The Future in Motion: What Does a Mobile Future Look Like? 1

The Future in Motion: What Does a Mobile Future Look Like?

The importance of creating a sustainable model for migration 

The reality is, prior to the pandemic, the world was as mobile as it has ever been. The current model of globalization, however, is unsustainable.

Thinking global is, and will continue to be, the foundation for innovation, growth, and long-term success. And how we rise to the challenge to create solutions to ensure responsible mobility, is at the core of global citizenship.

By creating and empowering a new system of ‘sustainable mobility’ that mitigates the risks of economic and political dependency — we will be able to empower a new vision of global society. And rather than withdrawing from globalization, we will focus on reimagining it and empowering a new momentum for human mobility.

Now that the pandemic has dramatically underscored these global challenges, we can think more clearly about what an alternative would look like. The GCF’s upcoming Annual Summit, The Future in Motion, is an essential step in taking action to lead the global community towards this alternative and build a responsible model for a sustainable future.

Since the global pandemic hindered the physical connection between humanity, a heightened sense of internal connection came to light. Along with the diversity of GCF’s growing global community, this significant global shift has inspired humanity to adopt new ways of thinking that are more sustainable, responsible, and resilient.

Governments, businesses and individuals, all play a fundamental role in the perception and approach of sustainable global citizenship. We all have the responsibility to adopt best practices and sustainable methods—be it through state-run projects or policies, through impact investment and profit with purpose, or through the personal choices we make daily.

There is an underlying element, key to the success of unlocking the power and potential of global citizenship. And that is redefining what it means to be a global citizen. What it means to play an active role in global society, by empowering diverse communities across the globe and funnelling investments, talents, and resources to encourage sustainable solutions for a prosperous future.

And this is at the root of our mission. Our ‘what’ and our ‘why’. Join us this December, as we gather the world’s leading minds to empower a world that we are proud to leave behind. Secure your seat, today.