Empowering the mission


Armand Arton

Armand Arton is a visionary entrepreneur, dedicated philanthropist, and a Global Citizen. As a trusted adviser to governments around the world, Arton continues to empower his mission with the Global Citizen Forum.

Hrant Boghossian

Hrant Boghossian is the creative mind behind the Global Citizen Forum. In addition to his background as an architect, he carries the vision to innovate and the drive to propel the team forward with new initiatives.

Talimka Yordanova

Chief Executive Officer
As one of the pioneer voices advocating for global citizenship, Talimka Yordanova is responsible for the daily operations of GCF and strives to constantly align the organization’s efforts to its core mission.

Milos Stojanovic

Executive Director
Milos Stojanovic’s targeted and efficient collaboration with government bodies, foreign agencies and the business sector, along with his knowledge of the global political landscape, make him an invaluable asset to the organization.

Teresa Esmezyan

Communications Manager
A published author and creative editor, Teresa curates meaningful communication strategies for the organization through the voice and lens of a global citizen and is the gifted storyteller behind the Global Citizen Magazine.
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Maria Bogomolova

Project Manager
An experienced event professional with a diverse background, Maria is keen to enable stronger cross-institutional collaboration on the most pertinent global challenges and curate an unforgettable experience for the community.
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Rita Veiga

Event Manager
Rita Veiga is a dedicated and quality-driven expert in the Event Business Industry with experience both within the UAE region and beyond. She is an enthusiastic professional driven to deliver turn-key projects for global corporations.