Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

UNHCR for Ukraine 1

Global Citizen Forum has partnered with UNHCR to provide humanitarian aid and support to refugees and displaced people affected by the escalating crisis in Ukraine.

In just one week, over 1 million refugees have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries with more than 100,000 people now internally displaced.

We urgently need your help to continue providing life-saving protection to families forced to flee their homes.

UNHCR, who have been on the ground in Ukraine since 2014 has stepped up their operations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries and remain firmly committed to support all affected populations.

UNHCR for Ukraine 2

For optimal support, UNHCR has focused its efforts within 5 critical areas: protection, shelter, basic survival needs, core of relief items, and cash assistance.


UNHCR’s protection mandate involves identification of vulnerable groups and ensuring that their special needs are met. UNHCR is delivering on this critical need in Ukraine and neighboring countries through the identification and registration of individuals, setting up and running transit centers, multi-purpose cash assistance, and offering legal assistance and psychosocial support.

Providing shelter and core relief items is a critical, life-sustaining intervention. This intervention offers critical relief items such as shelter repair materials and kits of emergency supplies, to protect from threatening surroundings, health risks, and other factors that can increase vulnerabilities of people forced to flee their homes.

Humanitarian coordination is an essential way to ensure a coherent and effective response to emergencies. In Ukraine, UNHCR coordinates the Protection and Shelter Clusters as part of the inter-agency Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), together with UN sister agencies and partner NGOs.

UNHCR urgently requires US$270 million to be able to deliver the emergency response inside Ukraine for an initial three-month period.


While the critical situation escalates, so does the immediate need for help — from emergency relief on the ground to helping refugees seeking shelter and safety as they are forced to flee their homes. The global community must stand in support and solidarity amid the biggest refugee crisis since WWII. Every dollar counts.

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